Troy Davis

  • Sunita Gandhi

    President of the Council for Global Education, Washington, D.C.
    Founder of the Icelandic International School, Reykjavik
    Founder of the Global Concepts International School, Prague
    Member of the International Advisory Board, Teachers Without Borders, USA
    Member of the Advisory Board of Child Research Net, Tokyo
    Member of the Brain Trust of Digital Partners, Seattle
    formerly at the World Bank
Sunita Gandhi

Stephan Mögle-Stadel

  • Jose Manuel Aguilar

    Author of El 0'7% del PIB y el Dialogo Norte-Sur
    President of the North-South Institute, Madrid
    Member of the Board, UN Association of Spain, Barcelona
    Former Chief of Division, Directorate General for Development, European Commission, Brussels

  • Joyce Mitchell

    Vice-President International Relations of the Guinea Development Corporation, USA/Guinea
    Committee Member, UN Global Compact, USA
    former Program Planner in Iran and Afghanistan for the UN

  • Michael Ford Deegan

    Founder & Managing Director, Ambos Group Managing Partner, North America, Paladin Associates